Future Water (China 2010-2011)

The China Water Challenge 2010-2011 was initiated as part of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. A unique collaboration between the governments...
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Urban Water Rebels (Singapore 2014-2015)

The 3rd edition of the Singapore Water Challenge was launched on 3 June 2014 during the Singapore International Water Week. Mr. Khoo Teng Ch...
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Australia Water Smart (Australia 2013)

To effectively address water and climate related events, a strong information chain is critical. This chain consists of data collection, dat...
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Let's Talk Resilience 2015

Let's Talk Resilience! (Australia 2015)

LET'S TALK RESILIENCE! was the theme of the third edition of the Australia Water Challenge. Building on two successful editions in previous years...
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Blue-Green Cities - Indonesia 2016

Blue-Green Cities (Indonesia 2016)

The second edition of the INDONESIA WATER CHALLENGE took place in Semarang from November 2016 until March 2017. Under the theme Blue-Green Cities, par...
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Eco Smart Ports 2019

Eco Smart Ports (Indonesia 2019)

Launched during the Indonesia Maritime Forum in February, the Eco-Smart Port Challenge 2019 has been inviting young talent from across Indonesia ...
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Coasts & Ports (Indonesia 2013-2014)

The development of coasts and ports is of national importance to Indonesia, securing economic growth and offering safety against floods for millions o...
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Htee City (Myanmar 2018)

The 2nd edition of the Myanmar Water Challenge was held from August until October 2018. Under theme of Thee City, participants were challenged to deve...
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Smart Delta 2016

Smart Delta (Myanmar 2016)

The Ayeyarwady Delta is one of the world's major deltas, running 300 km from east to west and 200 km from north to south. It is the main artery on whi...
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