Indonesia Water Sector Consultation in the Hague

In June The Water Agency facilitated a Dutch water sector consultation at the beautiful KIVA institute in the Hague. Over 15 different type of stakeho...
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Indonesia Water Portal team visits IndoWater - Expo for Water and Waste Water Management

A contribution by Aulia Rahman, Water Portal Manager of the Indonesia Water Portal (IWP)The Indonesia Water Portal is live - following in the foo...
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Introducing our new TWA colleagues

Presenting you the TWA team!  We are happy to announce that we have expanded our teams in the Asia Pacific Region. A true international team...
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Eco Smart Ports 2019

Eco Smart Ports (Indonesia 2019)

Launched during the Indonesia Maritime Forum in February, the Eco-Smart Port Challenge 2019 has been inviting young talent from across Indonesia ...
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Coasts & Ports (Indonesia 2013-2014)

The development of coasts and ports is of national importance to Indonesia, securing economic growth and offering safety against floods for millions o...
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Port of the Future Serious Game

Developed by Deltares, the Port of the Future Serious Game aims at raising awareness for the current policy-making challenges of ports, so as to suppo...
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​'Water as Leverage' - Urban Resilience Design Challenge

In response to an international call for inspirational approaches and thinking The Water Agency orchestrated the design and building of a unique propo...
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Market exploration in Indonesia steel and maritime industry

The Water Agency has been assigned to assist a world-leading European steel company to do research and find a market in Indonesia.Flanked by the ...
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TWA Water Hub Indonesia

TWA Water Hub | Indonesia

Welcome to the TWA WATER HUB | INDONESIA. Whether your organisation has been active in Indonesia for many years or considering to ...
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