About The Water Agency

The Water Agency has been founded by three partners: Piet Filet, Frodo van Oostveen and Gregor van Essen. We share a passion for water, connecting people and sharing knowledge. Adding these up, we strongly believe that creating the right connections between people is critical to solving many of the world's water challenges.

Creating inspiring connections between people in the international water sector is our business. We do this by developing platforms that bring people together, such as a Water House, Community of Practice or Water Challenge. Combining these platforms as part of an integrated process, we design roadmaps that connect people and organisations around specific opportunities and challenges.

For our partners and clients, our platforms and roadmaps help them to be more successful in developing international opportunities by growing business, building brands, engaging talent, driving innovation and developing partnerships.

We have a long and successful track record in the international water sector. Our partners and clients across industry, government and academia value our creative, enthusiastic and results-oriented approach. Having worked and lived in different countries for most of our lives, we are fluent in cooperating with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The Water Agency is an independent agency. We are not employed by or tied to any specific organisation, government or country. Given the nature of our services, this position makes us very effective in doing what we do.

To see more about our platforms and roadmaps, feel free to browse our portfolio. If your organisation is looking to increase its impact in the global water sector, let us know!

Frodo van Oostveen
Yangon, Myanmar / Singapore

Building a sustainable water eco-system by leveraging 'crazy' people, processes and solutions to develop inclusive coalitions and transformative journeys to solve global water challenges. Global citizen who likes to explore (and understand) new relevant worlds. Constantly looking for (business) opportunities, but most important I am eager to learn and make connections between people in achieving common dreams (bigger picture ambitions). I am Crazy About Water / Brand Development and Sustainable Business models.

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0065 8186 9264

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Gregor van Essen
The Netherlands

Entrepreneur, international business developer and knowledge broker. Founder of the Holland Water Challenge. I am passionate about designing and executing innovative concepts and programs that help organisations to be successful in developing international markets. Knowledge sharing, innovation and young talent are key ingredients. Working with universities around the world, there is amazing energy at the interface between private industry, government and academia. A powerful foundation to develop connections with impact!

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0031 (0)6 3891 1818

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Holland Water Challenge

Piet Filet
Brisbane, Australia

A land and water management specialist with rural research, consulting, NGO and local and state government policy/implementation experience. My research and policy development interests include the design and evaluation of integrated land use/environmental impacts, catchment management and flood risk management strategies. Through an extensive national and international network, I founded the Flood Community of Practice in 2014, a knowledge exchange collaboration on flood risk and water management – with a bonus link to Dutch water professionals.

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floodcop.com.au (Flood Community of Practice)

0061 (0)407915672 (Mobile)

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